4AG Robotics specializes in vision guided robotics for industrial automation. The company is currently commercializing mushroom harvesting using its proprietary robotics.

Cadence is a digital executor assistant that offers people a tool to make estate settlement simple. Cadence’s software provides step-by-step guidance that fits each person’s unique situation.

Callia Inc. is a female-founded, tech-enabled B2C company, based in Canada, that is disrupting the legacy flower delivery business by creating a user-friendly online platform.

DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. is a Sask. based renewable energy company that is positioned to be the first large-scale producer of geothermal power in Canada.

Excir has proprietary technology that allows for the ethical and sustainable extraction of precious metals from electronic waste, catalytic converters, mining and other verticals. The process is environmentally friendly and recovers 99%+ of gold and platinum group metals.

HomeTeam Live uses unmanned AI cameras and streaming technology to provide broadcast-quality videos for amateur sports. Allowing parents, family, friends, coaches, athletes, scouts and fans to log in and view an event live from anywhere.

Keep Labs developed the world’s first smart storage device for medications.

The Lex Energy Funds are a series of LP funds that invested in private, early-stage oil and gas companies operating in Western Canada.

mySolar is a leading provider of premium solar solutions, empowering individuals and businesses to embrace clean, sustainable energy. They design and install cutting-edge solar systems tailored to meet the unique energy needs of their clients.

NuVessl patented nano-encapsulation technology to develop and improve products. NuVessl has applied its technology across a wide range of verticals such as pharmaceutical, consumer, animal, and agriculture.

Offstreet presents a way to incorporate digital parking passes with license plate validation to make parking easier and cheaper.

Paradise Spirits was created in 2017 as an acquisition vehicle to acquire El Tequileño, an ultra-premium tequila brand based in the town of Tequila, Mexico.

SalonScale offers a precision scale for a simple and easy way for stylists to track what they should be charging for colour, extensions, treatments, and add-ons.

ServiceBox provides cloud-based software that manages workflow for general contractors and field-service businesses.

StoreToDoor is a last mile logistics and delivery company that offers same day delivery for Canadian businesses.

Villanova Energy Inc. is the fifth iteration in the Villanova franchise, focusing on production of oil in SE Sask.

Vive develops products and technologies to increase growers ROI, efficiency and sustainability. Their products use their patented Allosperse delivery system, which improves chemical & biological efficiencies and reduces environmental impact.